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Mediation Terms



Mediation Terms


Case Administrators – Real Estate Mediation Center staff members who administer the cases. The case administrator is responsible for the general management of the case, including accepting the request for mediation, forwarding it as a neutral third party, contacting the responding party, scheduling and exchanging information among the parties, and selecting the mediator, as well as all the other details involved in processing the mediation request.

Caucuses – meetings in which a mediator talks with the parties individually to discuss the issues. Documentation – including but no limited to transaction file, inspection reports, contractor evaluations and repair estimates.

Mediation – a proceeding in which a neutral party assists the parties in reaching their own settlement, but does not have the authority to make binding decisions. Negotiation – a process in which disputants communicate their differences to one another and use this knowledge attempt to resolve them.

Participant – is any individual taking part in the mediation.

Party – an individual, entity or group taking part in a mediation as a disputant and all the disputant’s attorneys, advocates, representatives and consultants. Which includes:

Requesting Party – the party who files the mediation request.
Responding Party – any party who files a response to the mediation request.