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John R. Sorensen, Esq.



John R. Sorensen, Esq.

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Mediator Style

Mr. Sorensen utilizes facilitative as well as some evaluative methods of mediation.


Mediation Training

Mr. Sorensen has completed more than 40 hours of mediation training including training conducted by JAMS, the National Conflict Resolution center, Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, and the Relya Training Center.

Other Education

Mr. Sorensen holds a Bachelors Degree in Political Science, a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Juris Doctorate.

Experience As A Neutral

Mr. Sorensen has been providing mediation services since 2000.
Mr. Sorensen has provided a wide range of mediation services regarding concealed defects, misrepresentations, construction defects, commission disputes, and related areas.

Mr. Sorensen serves on the Mediation Panel for the San Diego Superior Court.