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REMC Mediation Fee Schedule As of January 1, 2021

Non- Refundable filing fee $250 for mediation. $500 for Arbitration. (mediation required prior to Arbitration).

Hourly fee $300 for 2 parties. $100 additional per hour for each additional party. Prep time to be at the cost of the parties involved and will be at the hourly rate for the mediation and mediator to discuss with parties amount of time needed.

4 hour minimum required for mediation and due at the time of booking as a deposit. Cancel less than a week out will forfeit deposit.

25% off hourly fees for SDAR members.


For Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS® (SDAR) members

35% Off Hourly Fees for REALTOR® Plus members

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Payment Information

Hourly fees are split equally between the participating parties of the mediation, unless otherwise agreed, at the conclusion of the mediation.

Filing fees shall be paid with initiating and responding documents.

Please refer to the Payment Voucher for further details regarding payment.