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Benefits of Mediation


What Are the Benefits of Mediation? 


1. You get to decide the outcome:  The final outcome of a mediation is decided by both parties involved, the mediator doesn’t make any final decisions, and you don’t have to “take your chances” in the courtroom.

2. The focus is on your needs and interests: Mediation examines the underlying causes of the problem and looks at what solutions best suit your unique needs and satisfy your interests.

3. Maintain a continuing relationship: Neighbors, business partners, and family members have to continue to deal with each other cooperatively. Going to court can divide people and increase hostility. Mediation looks to the future. It helps end the problem, not the relationship.

4. Mediation addresses feelings: Each person is encouraged to share their point of view. Acknowledging emotions promotes movement towards settlement. Discussing both legal and personal issues can help you develop a new understanding of yourself and the other person.

5. Higher satisfaction with the outcome: People report higher rates of satisfaction after resolving disputes through mediation. Also, because of their active involvement, they have a higher commitment to upholding the settlement.

6. Informality: Mediation is less intimidating than going to court. Since there are no strict rules of procedure, this flexibility allows the people involved to find the best path to agreement. Mediation can deal with multiple parties and a variety of issues at one time.

7. Turn-around time is faster than going to court: Years may pass before a case comes to trial, while a mediated agreement may be obtained quickly. Mediations are typically completed within six weeks or less.

8. Lower cost: Going to trial is expensive, and the costs often exceed benefits. Mediation is a great alternative to months, or even years, of lawyer fees.  Spend your money solving the problem rather than arguing over a solution.

9. Privacy: Unlike most court cases, which are matters of public record, most mediations are completely confidential. Protect your professional image and quickly resolve any disputes.