Real Estate Mediation Center

General Overview

Mission Statement

The mission of the Real Estate Mediation Center is to successfully resolve disputes between REALTOR® members and/or members of the general public.

Our goal in resolving these disputes is to accomplish…

  • Professionalism and the spirit of cooperation among REALTOR® colleagues.
  • Goodwill and fairness in the REALTOR® community and with members of the general public.

We Specialize in Real Estate Mediations.

The Real Estate Mediation Center maintains highly skilled staff that are well versed in real estate and know how the mediation clause works within real estate contracts.

The Benefits of Working with Our Staff:

If you are a member of the public: We are here to make this process easy for you. We will explain the steps of mediation and offer you guidance in preparing your request form. We will also review the request to be sure its details are clear for responding parties. After you file your request to mediate, our team will contact both parties and schedule the mediation, providing a neutral point of contact. We are here to help you achieve a successful resolution.

If you are an Attorney: Time is money. Our staff’s primary function is to take the burden off of you and your office. We will handle all of the processing, filing, and scheduling for your mediation.

Additionally, if the mediation matter is not cost effective for attorney representation, you can refer your clients to our center with the confidence that they will receive premium service. If at anytime your clients become unsure of their rights, we will not advise them but rather refer them back to you for legal advice.

If you are a REALTOR®: We want to make this process easy for you. In a property dispute, you know that you should not be advising your clients on the mediation clause, but rather assisting them in finding a resolution. Our staff is happy to walk your clients through the process and handle the scheduling of their mediation.

Additionally, you can download information from this site to help inform your clients about the mediation process.